PC Repair
I can take care of your desktop computer. Whether it is just a tune up, a new part/upgrade, or if it just isn’t working well, I can help.

Laptop Repair
I can replace/upgrade your hard drives, RAM, fans, most LCD screens and keyboards on laptops.

Data Migration
Did you buy a bigger HDD or need more storage? I can help install and transfer data or files from one computer or HDD to another.

Is your computer not starting properly? I can diagnose the problem and give you an estimate for the needed repairs. There can be many possible causes. The first thing I do is a hardware test. Sometimes that reveals the problem right away. A bad hard drive, a failed fan, or failed memory, etc.

Virus Removal
If your computer is infected with a virus, turn it off and seek professional service. Don’t try to fix it yourself because many viruses hide and also multiply. Virus removal is not an easy task, it is easy to miss something and still have an unsecured computer. Don’t put off virus removal and keep using it, a compromised computer puts you and others online at risk.

Has your computer become painfully slow or unusable? This condition is usually the result of stuff that accumulates over time: spyware, malware, viruses, unnecessary programs and processes running on start-up, damaged registry or corrupt operating system files. A Tune-Up can help return your computer to new, or even better than new, performance.