Victoria Laise Jonas – Co-founder of the Maple Valley Farmers’ Market

Maple Valley, WA | Co-Founder |

I had the pleasure of working with Troy Dyer on the complete re-design of our web-site for the Maple Valley Farmers’ Market ( Troy is a talented web-designer and was instrumental in creating the visual appeal and usability of our web-site for our users. Troy exceeded our goals, our expectations and was great to work with! Thanks to Troy, our key content on our web-site is highly optimized for search engines and readily available to our visitors. Over this past Maple Valley Farmers’ Market season (2014), many of our customers commented on how user friendly our new web-site was as it was well organized and one of the most visually appealing farmers’ market web-sites around our area! Troy’s strengths lies in his ability to listen to his customer’s requirements and design needs and to develop those business requirements into an amazing design. Once our web-site was up and running, there were a number of timely updates that needed to be done. Troy was very responsive to completing these updates in a timely manner. If you are looking for a great designer who can work well with others, handle tasks that you have assigned to him and someone who can trust to be there, be accountable and get the job done, then Troy is an excellent choice.